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Cyberjaya.Name Realty

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Cyberjaya.Name Realty is a Cyberjaya community directory of the companies, organizations, enterprises and retailers operating in Cyberjaya. Here, you can also find info on realty and property in Cyberjaya.


  • Dynamically generated site-visitor content.
  • Updated property and office listings.
  • Built-in photo gallery and thumbnails.
  • Properties Showcase.
  • Flexible search.
  • Users can select Theme/Template.
  • Many, many, many more features.

If you wish to put your company details in this directory, you can do so by joining Cyberjaya.Name Realty and log in as a member to enter your company details in the Member Area. On the other hand, if your company details in this directory is incorrect or need to be updated, you can update it in the Member Area or just e-mail to us your company updates and let us do the rest.


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